DMS Apelem continues its expansion in innovation of medical 3D imaging with the acquisition of AXS company.

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We are French-Tech

DMS Apelem is proud to be member of the French Tech Community! This brand recognizes innovative, high-technology French companies. French Tech is a national dynamic that promotes the development of start-ups as well as manufacturing businesses who have placed innovation and international development at the core of their strategy. With a fourth of our employees based in the research and development department, a complete mastery of our product conception and design as well as our strong international presence the DMS Group is a perfect fit for the French Tech label.

The DMS Group specializes in high technology solutions that serve the needs of the diagnostic medical imaging community. The Group, which includes the two companies, DMS and Apelem, is one of the French leaders in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of imaging systems dedicated to conventional and digital radiology as well as to bone densitometry .

With a strategy focused on technological innovation the Group offers a complete range of imaging systems to practitioners across the globe.

The PLATINUM dRF: a new generation of remote controlled tables

The Platinum is the ultimate dRF solution featuring the highest technology available on a remote controlled table. In addition to being the most flexible and versatile system for dRF, it offers the most comfortable diagnostic experience for the patient and the solution best adapted to the medical teams' environment.

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Stratos dR

The Stratos dR makes the very best technology in bone assessment, the 2D Fan-Beam, available and accessible to all bone densitometry practitioners.


This breakthrough technology takes routine 2D DXA images and reconstructs a 3D image of the femur. The method has been validated by comparing the results of the reconstructed images with images taken with a CT scanner. 3D-DXA technology is exclusively available on the DMS range, the Stratos and the Stratos dR.

Euronext Listing

Palais Brognard

The performance and efficiency of its 100 collaborators have enabled the DMS Group to become a thriving company, as evidenced by its listing on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1998 (Euronext).

La bourse

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Code ISN de la bourse de paris FR0000063224 D


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