The SERENYS mammograph range was designed to provide excellent image quality, optimal workflow and outstanding patient comfort for all types of budgets. With four different solutions in the range, find the best fit for your workflow and budget.

Serenys: Its efficient and user-friendly design guarantees a serene, reassuring experience for both the patient and the operator. In order to improve exam flexibility and provide the most complete diagnostic tools, SERENYS offers the possibility of 3 potter bucky configurations:

• 18x24 cm
• 24x30 cm + adaptateur for 18x24 cm
• Interchangeable 24x30 cm and 18x24 cm

Serenys BYM is an analog mammo equipped with an isocentric C-Arm (rotation and vertical movement) which can be fully motorized as an option. The isocentric C-Arm permits all breast projections without moving the patient and without adjusting the height of the C-Arm, making exams faster and more comfortable for the patient. Perhaps the most important advantage of the isocentric C-Arm is that it is upgradable with a stereotactic biopsy device.

Serenys DR is equipped with a direct conversion Amorphous Selenium detector available in two formats :18x24 cm or 24x30 cm. This technology is recognized as being the most advanced for the best image
quality possible. It also includes hte isocentric C-Arm, making it fully adaptable for a stereotactic biopsy device

Serenys DBT is our most recent addition and DBT is a complete mammography solution optimized for digital imaging in 2D screening, predisposed for 3D tomosynthesis and stereotactic biopsy.


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